The Back Waters

back waters

Kochi was on the global trade map as early as in the 14th century as a major spice trading centre. Lured by the spices, traders and travellers from different parts of the world arrived and successively established their settlements here. The Portuguese launched the first European colonial settlement in India here in 1503. Later, the city fell into the hands of the Dutch, followed by the British.

The backwaters are to Kochi what the waterways are to Venice. Together with the heritage zones of Fort Kochi and Mattancherry, the backwaters form the distinct tourist attraction of the city. These water bodies stretch endlessly to either side, connecting the city to other prominent towns in districts nearby. Before motorized road transport became common, boats that plied the backwaters used to transport goods and people. Today, these routes passing through the city are recognized as national waterways. A boat ride through the backwaters offers fascinating glimpses of the lives of people for whom the backwaters are a source of sustenance..

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