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royale club

Kochi was on the global trade map as early as in the 14th century as a major spice trading centre. Lured by the spices, traders and travellers from different parts of the world arrived and successively established their settlements here. The Portuguese launched the first European colonial settlement in India here in 1503. Later, the city fell into the hands of the Dutch, followed by the British.

Ramada Resort has some of the best facilities when it comes to corporate events, banquet parties, wedding receptions and the like. The resort offers three conference & banquet facilities, in capacities ranging from 80 to 450 guests. All the facilities are wi-fi and plug-n-play business enabled, which ensures the smooth conduct of corporate meets, conferences etc. The elaborate banquet menu complements the services on offer, to ensure that every event is a grand success.

Royale club

Royale Club

With a capacity of 450 pax, this is the perfect venue for business conferences and similar large events.

Royale club

Synergy Zone

This facility accommodates 40 pax and is ideal for business meets and small receptions.

Royale club

The Dais

A venue with a capacity of 40 pax, suited for small business conferences, corporate dinners etc.

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