Abhyangam (45 minutes ):

Enhances blood circulation and relaxes mind.

Four-hand Synchronous Massage (45 minutes) :

For mental and physical relaxation.

Marma Massage (45 minutes) :

Helps stretch the body and alleviate fatigue.

Elakkizhi (75 minutes) :

Enhances peripheral blood circulation and detoxifies.

Sirodhara (75 minutes) :

Effective against sleep loss, headache, hair problems and skin diseases.

Navarakkizhi (75 minutes) :

Nourishes tissues, softens skin, enhances complexion strengthens body muscles and cures stiffness of joints.

Kaya Sekam (75 minutes) :

Rejuvenating effect - softens skin, improves complexion and blood circulation, and relaxes the mind.

Spine Care (60 minutes) :

Effective for sciatic pains and spondylosis.

Udvarthanam (60 minutes) :

Removes impurities dead skin cells and stimulates circulation.

Scrub n’ Trim (90 minutes) :

Helps reduce weight over repeated sessions.

Anti Voyage Fatigue (90 minutes) :

Relieves muscle pains, swelling on the feet, headache; effective against sleep loss, constipation and other discomforts of jetlag.

Ayurvedic Face & Scalp :

A variety of treatments such as Ayurvedic Anti dandruff, Thala Pothichil, Sirovasthy, Nasya & Dhooma, Tharpanam, Ayurveda Kajal and Karna Pooranam meant for face and scalp.

Ayurveda Beauty Treatment (60 minutes) :

Includes Ayurvedic cleansing, steaming, face massage and face pack.

Yoga :

The ancient Indian practice that helps stretch, tone and carve the body and increase its flexibility through various physical postures. It also helps achieve a new level of mental clarity through meditation and breathing exercises like the pranayama.

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