Club 11 Hundred


Kochi was on the global trade map as early as in the 14th century as a major spice trading centre. Lured by the spices, traders and travellers from different parts of the world arrived and successively established their settlements here. The Portuguese launched the first European colonial settlement in India here in 1503. Later, the city fell into the hands of the Dutch, followed by the British.

The old town areas of and Mattancherry are repositories of period European architecture. Preserved as a heritage zone, this quaint locale with streets lined with huge rain trees and colonial bungalows, appears frozen in time. The city’s culture is also a curious mix of various influences, both foreign and pan-Indian. Communities of various ethnicities and cultures coexist in Kochi today, making it a truly cosmopolitan city. Predominantly a business centre, Kochi remains as progressive and modern as any other big city in India.

Club 11 Hundred is the main bar that offers the irresistible combination of great music, excellent food and of course, a fine selection of liquor labels. Set in 3 separate levels, the bar has a wonderful ambience with exquisite lit floors and glass walls all around. The bar stocks a fantastic range of international wines and liquor. Look out for the bartenders who will treat you to a fascinating display of their flaring skills even as they serve up the most exotic of cocktails. More excitement is on the cards at Club 11Hundred as a discotheque is getting ready here.

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